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Clinics & Services

We provide a full range of GP consultations for general medical problems, acute issues, and chronic medical conditions.

Screening Examinations

This involves a complete physical examination combined with the taking of blood samples, ECG, etc., as deemed necessary by your doctor. Also includes pre-employment and insurance medicals as well as certification of fitness to travel.

Mother & Baby Checks pregnant8

Six week checks for your baby  involves the following:

  • Registration of your baby, including a complete birth history and possible complications during labour and after birth.
  • Complete physical examination of your baby with the monitoring of his/her growth and development.
  • Discussion of any possible problems, including feeding and care of your baby.
  • Advice re-future immunisation plans for your baby.

Your doctor will also carry out a cervical smear and would discuss with you future family planning. This should also give you the opportunity to discuss the vaccination programme with your doctor.

Checks for mothers  involves the following:

  • Discussion re-problems encountered during the pregnancy, labour and postpartum (post-delivery). Carrying out a cervical smear and postnatal examination. Discussion re-future family planning.
  • Discussion re-problems encountered with you specifically, for example, breast engorgement.
  • Carrying out a Cervical Smear and postnatal examination.
  • Discussion re-future family planning.


Childhood baby_foot

Vaccines provide protection against serious infections that could prove to be lethal. They are the safest way of protecting your child's health. Every vaccine is thoroughly tested before being licensed for administration.

Vaccination should NOT be administered if your child has or had:

  • High temperature 
  • Previous severe local or general reaction to a particular vaccine 
  • Allergy to eggs, in the case of MMR vaccination
  • Convulsions in the neonatal period, in the case of whooping cough vaccination
  • Note that family history of epilepsy or allergic disorders should not prevent your child from being vaccinated against any of the childhood vaccines.

Vaccines do not cause any reactions in the majority of children. However the following reactions may occasionally develop:

  • Temperature
  • Irritability
  • Redness or swelling at the injections sites
  • Note that the risks are far outweighed by the benefits.

Severe reactions are extremely rare and are dealt with appropriately by your doctor.

In areas where the vaccination uptake rate is low, diseases tend to remain widespread. Hence it is essential to achieve an uptake rate of at least 95% degrees in order to achieve effective or total eradication.

Finally remember vaccination is free of charge.


The freezing with liquid nitrogen or other cryogens is an effective and quick way for the removal of warts and other skin lesions.

Note: Treatment stings and may be painful. In large and extensive lesions, it may be necessary to "numb" the area with a local anaesthetic prior to treatment. Your doctor will advise you of the most effective means of treatment.


This is used in the treatment of acute asthmatic attacks as well as the treatment of chronic severe asthma in the home settings. Your doctor will advise as to how and where to purchase a nebuliser, when indicated.

You will be issued a prescription for the nebules (various solutions used in the nebuliser) and you will be given instructions as to how they should be used.

The machine is relatively inexpensive and will need to be maintained regularly to ensure optimum performance.

Other Services

  • Anti-natal Care
  • blood_testEar Syringing - for the removal of impacted wax from your ear canals
  • Blood Testing - including cholesterol testing
  • Eye Testing - for Driving Licence and for colour blindness 
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Counselling with Psycho/Hypnotherapy
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Weight Management
  • STI screening
  • Osteoporosis screening involving a full risk assessment, T-score readings using Achilles heal ultrasound and general education on lifestyle and diet
  • Reflexology
  • Baby massage
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